UltraShape is an entirely non-invasive treatment option for body contouring. There’s no needles, cutting, or pain involved with the procedure. At Laser Skin Care Center, our patients are seeing exceptional results with this quick and easy treatment.

The advanced ultrasound technology used for UltraShape is proven to be safe and effective for significant fat reduction. Ultrasound wavelengths penetrate to the deeper layers where stubborn diet and exercise-resistant fat occur. Surrounding skin, nearby nerves, blood vessels, and muscles are left completely unharmed.

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Is Treatment Painful?

UltraShape treatments are not uncomfortable. You won’t need any anesthetic or numbing cream during the procedure. According to one clinical trial, 100% of UltraShape users reported the treatment as being comfortable. Most patients find the procedure to be quite enjoyable and spend the time reading, catching up on emails, or just relaxing.

What Side Effects Will I See?

UltraShape typically doesn’t have any post-procedural side effects. When performed by a skilled provider, you should be left with no visible evidence that treatment was done. You’ll be able to achieve up to a 32% fat reduction with a discreet, in-office appointment.

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In rare cases, some UltraShape users have reported slight bruising or blistering after treatment. However, these side effects are easily avoidable with careful monitoring throughout your procedure. It is important to choose a skilled UltraShape provider to minimize any potential complications.

What About Downtime?

There is no downtime after UltraShape. You’ll be able to immediately get back to all of your day-to-day activities without any restrictions. Continue running errands, head back to work, or even hit the gym after your appointment.

Loved Dr. Kuo! She was awesome. I will def be back, and would totally refer her to friends and family. LOVED the time she took to answer my questions and I really appreciated her bedside manner.
JB, Happy Patient

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*Individual results may vary.