UltraShape is an entirely non-invasive body contouring procedure. The FDA-approved procedure has helped thousands of men and women achieve a slimmer, more contoured physique. A no-downtime treatment that produces exceptional results? Yes, please!


Although UltraShape is not intended as a weight loss alternative, patients can achieve significant fat-reduction with just a few in-office sessions.

Fat-Reduction Vs. Weight Loss

When you lose weight, fat cells get smaller and smaller. Sounds great right? The bad news is, even with regular diet and exercise, the number of fat cells within your body remains the same. Enter UltraShape.


The unique procedure uses gentle ultrasound wavelengths to selectively rupture unwanted fat cells. Over time, your body naturally flushed the damaged cells leaving you with less fat than you previously had. Fat cells treated with UltraShape are gone for good.

Using UltraShape to Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

Even though UltraShape isn’t technically a weight loss procedure, it can help contour your figure or give you the motivation you need to get started. Patients typically see noticeable results after just one UltraShape session. As clothing starts to fit better, you’ll feel better hitting the gym on a regular basis.


Some men and women opt to use UltraShape to contour their ideal physique after weeks, months, or years healthy lifestyle habits. Common treatment areas include hard-to-treat regions such as the hips, abdomen/flanks, thighs, buttocks, and upper arms.


Many patients note that they’re more likely to keep weight off after they’ve met their weight loss goals with UltraShape. Boost self-confidence and get the figure you’ve always wanted with UltraShape.

Is UltraShape Right for You?

The ideal candidate for UltraShape should be within 30-pounds of their desired weight. UltraShape might be right for you if you have unwanted pinchable fat that’s not responding well to diet or exercise. Speak with a body contouring specialist to determine your candidacy for non-invasive UltraShape treatments.

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