Muffin tops can appear for a variety of reasons that may not be related to your diet. High stress can encourage the apparition of an unpleasant bulge. You’ve tried to spot reduce the area with targeted workout routines, but you can’t get your muffin top to disappear. 

For a lot of people, dieting alone isn’t an option. Indeed, there is no guarantee that your body will focus efforts on the area around your stomach. Most people who diet to reduce their muffin tops find that visceral fat is the last to disappear! Our team at Laser Skin Care Centre Dermatology Associates is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. We offer a variety of non-invasive solutions to help you improve your silhouette. UltraShape is our most popular treatment for men and women who are looking for non-surgical body contouring improvements.

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What is UltraShape?

UltraShape Power in our non-invasive answer to liposuction surgery. The non-surgical body contouring solution is designed to give you back control about the stubborn muffin top. The process uses ultrasound energy to damage the fat cells underneath your skin, via a specialized device. The ultrasound wavelengths can enter the fat cells and damage them by creating vapor cavities. Because the treatment focuses only on the fat cells within your muffin top, it leaves the surrounding cells, veins, nerves, and organs unaffected by the UltraShape technology. 

Results are not immediate, but they appear as soon as the body has flushed out the broken fat cells, which can take a few weeks. For best muffin top reduction, our Laser Skin Care Centre specialists recommend, on average, 3 sessions. However, our experienced providers will determine the best treatment schedule in face-to-face consultations.

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Benefits of UltraShape

For anybody who doesn’t want to go under the scalpel, UltraShape is the ideal non-surgical alternative to improve body contouring. With that, there is no downtime or recovery time to worry about. You can book your UltraShape consultation during your lunch break, and you’ll be ready to walk out after the 30-min treatment

Unlike non-surgical treatments that use either heat or cold to break down the fat cells, we ensure that our clients don’t experience any discomfort during the consultation. It is a painless body contouring approach using some of the most advanced ultrasound technology.

Am I a Candidate for UltraShape?

UltraShape is a safe fat-reduction solution. It doesn’t replace a weight-loss strategy, so if you want to remove your muffin top, you should also be prepared to transform your lifestyle for the better. 

Our experts find that the best results can be achieved with small to moderate muffin tops for healthy individuals within 30 pounds of their ideal weight. If your BMI is below 30, you are likely to experience a fat cell reduction of up to 32%

How Long Will UltraShape Results Last?

At Laser Skin Care Centre, we have a team of medical doctors who can help our clients better prepare for long-lasting UltraShape results. Indeed, the damaged fat cells are eliminated by your body. But it doesn’t mean that new fat cells can’t form. Therefore, if you want to enjoy permanent results, you need to stick to a healthy lifestyle to prevent weight gain.

Our Laser Skin Care Centre is experienced with a variety of muffin top complaints. We make sure to discuss and understand your individual needs to customize the most relevant non-surgical body contouring solution for you.

Loved Dr. Kuo! She was awesome. I will def be back, and would totally refer her to friends and family. LOVED the time she took to answer my questions and I really appreciated her bedside manner.
JB, Happy Patient

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