Non-surgical fat reduction is the latest trend in the wellness industry. Combat stubborn fat cells that aren’t responding well to traditional diet and exercise with a simple, in-office appointment. UltraShape treatments at Laser Skin Care Center are generally quick and easy, requiring absolutely no downtime. But how does it work?

UltraShape works to destroy fat cells and leave you with a more contoured appearance. Here’s how:

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#1: Selectively Target Localized Fat

UltraShape uses an advanced form of ultrasound technology to selectively target isolated pockets of unwanted fat. The specialized wavelengths are delivered deep below the surface of the skin to rupture fat cell membranes. Eventually, the fat cells die off completely. Surrounding skin, nerves, and blood vessels are left completely unharmed.

#2: Trigger Your Body’s Natural Metabolization Processes

Once fat cells are damaged to the point of rupturing, your body’s natural metabolization process is stimulated. Fat cells are then able to be flushed from the body for good. UltraShape is not intended for significant weight loss. However, UltraShape can be used to jump-start your weight loss goals or be done to contour your final touches.

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#3: Wait & Watch

That’s right! After each UltraShape session, all you have to do is wait, and watch fat cells seemingly melt away. Initial results can be seen in as little as 2-weeks, with an optimal outcome in several months. Maintain and enjoy long-term results with healthy lifestyle habits.

UltraShape appointments are typically spaced 2-weeks apart. You may need a series of 3-sessions to achieve the lasting results you want. Your Laser Skin Care Center specialist will help determine a treatment plan during your in-person consultation.

I always have excellent care from Dr. Chan & Dr. DeLuca. Love the options they give to prevent any future skin cancer. I get excellent & comprehensive care of my skin.
LB, Happy Patient

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*Individual results may vary.