UltraShape is a non-invasive fat reduction technique that’s FDA-approved to nix stubborn diet and exercise resistant fat throughout the body. The procedure is safe and effective for men and women who’d like to gain a more contoured appearance on the abdomen, flanks, hips, or thighs.

The number of sessions needed to achieve an optimal outcome varies from patient to patient. Your Laser Skin Care specialist will create an individualized plan based on the area being treated, your ultimate goals, and your initial response.

Mild to moderate contouring can be done with just one UltraShape session. About 2-weeks post-treatment, you’ll start to see a more slender, streamlined appearance.

It can take up to 3 UltraShape for most patients to meet their end-goals. Treatments are typically spaced 2-4 weeks apart allowing your body enough time to expel dead fat cells after your non-invasive UltraShape treatment.

Treated fat is unable to return making UltraShape a long-term body contouring solution. Once desired results are achieved, you can maintain your new figure with healthy lifestyle choices. Touch-up treatments can also be done as needed to prolong the effects of your initial UltraShape sessions.

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