Non-invasive body contouring has become one of the most highly sought-after procedures among both men and women. And why not? Patients can achieve significant fat reduction and long-lasting results in a simple in-office procedure. Fit UltraShape treatments into your normal routine and get back to it immediately thereafter.

So, how many treatments will you need? Well, that depends entirely on your individual concerns as well as your contouring goals. In most cases, your Skin Care specialist will suggest 3-treatments spaced 2-weeks apart for an optimal outcome with UltraShape. However, many patients see visible results with just 1-session.

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What Can I Expect from My Treatment?

Treatments are generally quick, easy, and painless. The treatment area will be marked, and a specialized handpiece will be used to deliver powerful, yet gentle ultrasound wavelengths deep below the surface of the skin. The entire process usually takes an hour allowing you to get back to your day-to-day activities quickly.


When Will I See Results?

Results from UltraShape can typically be seen much faster than similar contouring procedures. You’ll be able to see a slimmer, more streamlined figure in about 2-weeks. Gradual improvement will continue to occur for several months as dead fat cells are metabolized and removed from the body.

It takes time for your body to adequately flush damaged fat cells so rushing the process isn’t a good idea. After your six-week series, existing fat cells that have been treated are unable to return on their own. You can maintain long-lasting results by following healthy lifestyle habits.

Great service and very knowledgeable doctors. I would definitely recommend this place.
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*Individual results may vary.