Non-surgical body contouring has become all the rage for both men and women with busy lifestyles. Treatments are generally quick, easy, and claim to be entirely pain-free. But, with all of the treatment options available, it can be hard to differentiate between them all.

At Laser Skin Care Center, our go-to treatment for non-invasive fat reduction is UltraShape. Let’s take a closer look at some of the advantages of UltraShape compared to CoolSculpting.

#1: Superior Technology

UltraShape is able to effectively rupture fat cells for metabolization solely using gentle ultrasound wavelengths. Surrounding tissue remains completely unharmed making treatments very comfortable. CoolSculpting uses a fat-freezing technology that can often be painful, especially for those with sensitive skin.

#2: Treatment Times

UltraShape utilizes one of the largest applicators on the market allowing patients to effectively treat a broader range of concerns. Addressing the same concerns can take twice as long with CoolSculpting procedures.

#3: Faster Results

Although both treatments take about the same time to see initial results, UltraShape typically offers a faster optimal outcome. The average CoolSculpting procedure is scheduled 4-6 weeks apart while UltraShape appointments can be done every 2-weeks.

#4: Fewer Appointments

Significant fat reduction from UltraShape can be seen in just 3-treatment sessions. The same results can be achieved with a series of 4-6 CoolSculpting sessions. UltraShape packages are often a more cost-effective solution for this reason as well.

#5: Minimal Side Effects

Patients can get back to most normal activities directly after either procedure. However, many patients report more unwanted side effects with CoolSculpting including; swelling, tenderness, and bruising. UltraShape tends to have less social downtime with fewer visible side effects.

This place is the real deal. The office is beautiful, the staff is friendly. Sometimes there is a wait, but thats pretty typical when you want to go to the best around. Highly recommend it!
MA, Happy Patient

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