What is UltraShape?

UltraShape is a welcome solution for patients seeking fat reduction in the abdomen or flanks. The FDA-cleared procedure offers long-lasting results with no pain, no scars, and no downtime. With a simple hour-long procedure, patients can reduce the appearance of stubborn diet and exercise-resistant fat.

How Does UltraShape Work?

Ultrasound wavelengths are used to target and destroy hard-to-reach pockets of fat below the surface of the skin. Once fat cells are dead, your body will naturally absorb and expel them for good.

UltraShape Los Angeles

*individual results may vary

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How Permanent Are My UltraShape Results?

Final results from your UltraShape treatment can be seen in as little as several weeks. Depending on your end-goals, multiple UltraShape treatments may be necessary. Continued improvement can be seen with each consecutive UltraShape procedure. Dead fat cells as a result of UltraShape treatment are gone for good. Eliminated pockets of fat aren’t coming back. However, UltraShape is unable to prevent future fat from forming. Patients are encouraged to maintain a healthy lifestyle to prolong the outcome of their UltraShape procedures.

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