UltraShape vs. UltraShape Power: What’s the Difference? Laser Skin Care Center in Long Beach, CAWhen it comes to fat reduction and body contouring, many plastic surgeons and dermatologists prefer to use UltraShape on their clients.  This innovative non-invasive technology uses ultrasound energy to melt away those stubborn fat cells that plague the love handles, upper arms, thighs, and other common trouble spots.  UltraShape is safe, effective, and proven – meaning you can use this treatment to get your body ready for those summer outfits.

Want even more good news?  There’s a new UltraShape treatment in town – and this one promises to be much more powerful than its predecessor!

UltraShape Power – which was launched in late 2016 – utilizes the same ultrasound energy to melt away stubborn fat cells.  However, the key difference between the two treatments is that UltraShape Power has upgraded its technology.  Studies have shown that UltraShape Power is 10% more effective at fat cell destruction than UltraShape, making it an excellent solution for clients looking for faster results.

Additionally, UltraShape Power’s handpiece is much smaller and more agile than its predecessor, which makes it easier for your technician to deliver even and precise results.  The smaller handpiece also makes it possible to treat smaller, more targeted areas, including fat located underneath the chin and around the armpits.

All this information is great – but just how effective is UltraShape Power?  Consider this – when it comes to non-invasive fat reduction, UltraShape Power is estimated to destroy up to 32 percent of fat cells.  That’s the clear and decisive winner in the fat reduction category, as the closest technology only destroys 25 percent of fat cells.

Ultrashape Power’s treatment regimen is identical to its predecessor; most clients will need three treatments (spaced two weeks apart) to see optimal results.

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