Do you have hard-to-treat fat that just won’t go away? Are you sick of hitting the gym and eating healthy and still not seeing the results you want? We have the solution for you. UltraShape is a completely non-invasive procedure designed for fat-reduction.

Patients can achieve a slimmer waistline in just three short in-office sessions. The treatment is virtually pain-free, requires no downtime, and side effects are minimal, making it ideal for men and women with busy lifestyles.

UltraShape is only FDA-cleared for fat-reduction in the abdomen and flank region. In clinical trials, the treatment proved to reduce abdominal fat by a whopping 32 percent.

That being said, many practices are using the ultrasound-based device for off-label purposes including bra fat, inner/outer thighs, buttocks, and arms. The great thing about UltraShape is its ability to be customized to the needs of the individual.

Schedule a consult with one of our UltraShape specialist today to determine your candidacy. Depending on the treatment area, multiple sessions may be necessary to meet your desired goals.

For more information about UltraShape treatments at the Laser Skin Center in Long Beach, CA – or to schedule your consultation, call us today at (562) 418-6550.