Non-surgical body contouring has become all the rage recently. Patients are able to see a significant fat reduction with long-lasting outcomes. There’s no need for any downtime afterward either, making treatment ideal for anyone with a busy lifestyle. However, deciding which system is right for you can be difficult on your own.

At Laser Skin Care Center, our go-to system for non-surgical body contouring is UltraShape Power. Why? Let’s take a look.

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#1: Quick & Easy Appointments

UltraShape takes approximately one hour to eliminate isolated pockets of fat. Treatments are generally very comfortable, and you won’t need any anesthetic before treatment begins. Many patients take this time to read a book, catch up on emails, or take a quick mid-day snooze.

#2: Entirely Non-Invasive Treatment Option

That’s right! Get a more streamlined physique with a quick and easy in-office visit. There’s no injections, no incisions, and no pain associated with UltraShape Power. Proven ultrasound technology is used to break down unwanted fat cells without harming surrounding tissue. That also means zero recovery time is necessary after each session.

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#3: Faster Results

UltraShape Power produces better results than other non-surgical systems. Most patients see dramatic results in as little as two weeks. Sessions are spaced closer together allowing you to achieve more significant results in a faster amount of time.

#4: Fewer Treatment Sessions

Although UltraShape is customized to your needs, the majority of men and women can get the results they want with a series of three treatments. That’s quite a difference compared to other contouring options that can require upwards of six sessions spaced 4-6 weeks apart.

The team at Laser Skin care is amazing. They care and make everyone who comes into their practice feel comfortable. I would recommend them to anyone!
CJ, Happy Patient

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