Laser Skin Care Center proudly offers UltraShape Power for patients seeking a significant fat reduction. Based on clinical trials alone, we’re convinced UltraShape is the leading non-invasive body contouring treatment on the market when it comes to safety and efficacy.

Our skilled UltraShape technicians have helped countless men and women achieve the lasting results they want. Let’s take a look at what makes UltraShape stand apart from the rest so you can decide if it’s the right procedure for you too!

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#1: It’s Safe

UltraShape is an entirely non-invasive treatment option for fat reduction. In fact, the procedure is so safe, you’ll be left with absolutely no visible signs upon leaving your appointment. There are very view adverse effects associated with UltraShape, and you’ll be able to return to almost all of your day-to-day activities immediately without restrictions.

#2: It’s Effective

Visible results from UltraShape can be seen in as little as two weeks. Many other fat reduction procedures can take several months to achieve the same results as UltraShape. With a simple, 30-minute appointment, you’ll see a significant reduction in fat and abdominal circumference.

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UltraShape uses a much larger applicator allowing for a bigger treatment area to be addressed than alternative fat reduction methods. For example, in many cases, you can combat unwanted fat on both the abdomen and flanks with one session compared to two CoolSculpting sessions.

#3: Fewer Treatments Needed

Most patients are able to get the lasting results they want with a series of three sessions spaced two weeks apart. Alternative fat reduction treatments might need upwards of 6-8 in-office visits to achieve the same results. Plus, once fat cells are treated with UltraShape, they’re unable to return on their own.

Loved Dr. Kuo! She was awesome. I will def be back, and would totally refer her to friends and family. LOVED the time she took to answer my questions and I really appreciated her bedside manner.
JB, Happy Patient

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