At Laser Skin Care Center, we love UltraShape. It’s a revolutionary body contouring procedure that offers unparalleled results when compared to similar treatments like CoolSculpting. Today, we’ll take a look at some of the benefits you can expect to see from this unique fat-reduction treatment.

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#1: Superior Results

UltraShape Power has been shown to reduce unwanted fat cells by up to 32%. That’s a big difference when you stack it up against the 20%-25% reduction a typical CoolSculpting treatment can provide.

UltraShape treatments are also spaced 2-weeks apart instead of the recommended 4-6 weeks apart for CoolSculpting. That means you’ll see faster results too!

#2: Fewer Sessions

While every patient has unique goals, most can achieve their desired results with a series of just 3 UltraShape sessions. You may need upwards of 6 CoolSculpting appointments to see the same results. Not only do you need fewer UltraShape appointments, but treatments are generally much faster than CoolSculpting as well, thanks to the ‘fly mode’ setting.

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#3: Zero Pain

CoolSculpting uses a clamp-like device, which can be painful for some. UltraShape, on the other hand, uses a handpiece that is passed over the body. The ultrasound technology targets unwanted fat while leaving surrounding tissue completely unharmed. There is no discomfort whatsoever with UltraShape treatments.

#4: Customized Procedures

UltraShape is a highly custom procedure that isn’t limited to size-specific applicators. Your UltraShape specialist is present throughout treatment and can guide the handpiece as needed to the desired treatment area. CoolSculpting relies on various pre-sized applicators that don’t always conform to the patient’s specific problem areas.

#5: No Downtime

Although CoolSculpting boasts the ability to get back to your regular routine right away, there can be some residual side effects post-treatment. Some commonly reported side effects with CoolSculpting include; discomfort, swelling, tenderness, nerve pain, and even bruising. UltraShape leaves absolutely visible marks at all.

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*Individual results may vary.