Non-Surgical Body Contouring Long Beach, CAIf you’re seeking a non-invasive way to safely and effectively treat stubborn, diet and exercise-resistant fat cells, UltraShape might be just what you need. UltraShape is a body contouring treatment with consistently positive results. In fact, UltraShape has a lofty 80% ‘Worth It’ rating on

The FDA-cleared procedure uses focused pulses of ultrasound energy to contour your body by destroying hard-to-reach fat pockets over a one-hour period. Destroyed fat cells are naturally expelled from your body over the course of the next two weeks. You’ll begin to notice a slimmer waistline in no-time.

Once fat cells are ruptured and wiped out by ultrasound energy, they’re no longer able to grow back. UltraShape attacks fat cells that are already present. The procedure cannot prevent future fat cells from forming.

To maintain long-lasting results and a slim waistline, it’s essential to follow up UltraShape treatments with proper diet and exercise. Improved lifestyle habits can ensure that you won’t need further UltraShape maintenance treatments down the line.

For optimal initial results, your UltraShape specialist may suggest multiple treatments spanned 2-weeks apart allowing dead fat cells to dissipate. In many cases, UltraShape can reduce your waistline upwards of 2 inches in just 3 quick and painless treatments. Your doctor will be able to suggest a recommended number of treatments during your in-person consultation.

Healthy patients with reasonable expectations can get the help they need to shed stubborn fat in the abdomen and other hard-to-treat areas without surgery, downtime, or major side effects. Drop your dress-size for good with the help of UltraShape treatments.

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