UltraShape is a revolutionary fat reduction procedure that’s taking the cosmetic industry by storm. The unique procedure is entirely non-invasive and tackles localized fat pockets that are typically non-responsive to diet or exercise. But, UltraShape can only do so much. Once the procedure has effectively ruptured unwanted fat cells, it takes time for your body to naturally metabolize them.

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So, When Will I Start to See Results?

Results from UltraShape are gradual and progressive similar to diet and exercise. Initial results are typically visible in about 2-weeks after your first UltraShape session. You’ll see fat seemingly melt away as your body flushed damaged fat cells. Further improvement will gradually occur over the course of several months.

Most patients need a series of treatments to see an optimal outcome. You typically need 3 treatments spaced 2-weeks apart to get the results you want.

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Is Fat Gone for Good?

Unlike diet and exercise that simply shrink unwanted fat cells, UltraShape works to remove them entirely. That’s right! Once treated fat cells are gone, they’re gone for good. However, UltraShape cannot prevent you from gaining additional fat. What UltraShape can do is give you the motivation to keep excess weight at bay through healthy lifestyle choices.

Laser Skin Care Center understands every patient is unique. During your in-person consultation, your skilled UltraShape Provider will assess your concerns and speak with you about the goals you’d like to achieve. They’ll be able to give you a realistic idea of the results you’ll be able to get including when an optimal outcome can be expected.

Very relaxing, and clean feel to my skin. A few days later my complexion seem to glow. It lifted my spirits
GC, Happy Patient

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*Individual results may vary.