How is UltraShape Different from CoolSculpting?

By | June 21st, 2019|UltraShape|

Non-surgical body contouring has become all the rage for both men and women with busy lifestyles. Treatments are generally quick, easy, and claim to be entirely pain-free. But, with all of the treatment options available, it can be hard to differentiate between them all. At Laser Skin Care Center, our go-to treatment for non-invasive fat [...]

Why Should I Use UltraShape to Get Rid of Belly Fat?

By | March 14th, 2018|UltraShape|

Finally, there’s a completely non-invasive cosmetic procedure that helps you lose hard-to-treat fat pockets in the abdomen area. It’s called UltraShape, and it uses focused ultrasound wavelengths to destroy fat cells deep below the surface of the skin while leaving surrounding tissue unharmed. There’s no pain involved and absolutely no downtime with UltraShape treatments. [...]

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